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I suppose I'll just mention a little about me, and my rp rules and feelings.

I love to draw as well and often times draw my ocs, more so when I'm really into them and using them at the time. I haven't drawn as much lately since I got busy at work, though. In turn, I do tend to subconsciously seek other artists as partners simply because I am a visual person and tend to get along with them more, but this is not a hard rule. With each oc I put up I will attempt to include an image of them for visual reference. All art unless otherwise stated is my own, do not use it, repost it, or take my characters.

Where you can find my art:

I like to write in paragraph style more, but I tend to write on the shorter side, a few lines with emphasis on character interaction over purple prose. I can write longer, but that depends on the amount of characters, what is happening, and other factors. I don't do one liners unless given one liners. I try my best with grammar, but more often then not I am on my phone and it doesn't always want to work with me. I prefer to rp on places like Discord, I haven't had a forum rp, like ever, but I might try it if the right one comes along? Never know.

As far as genres, I love character interaction and relationships, whether they be platonic, hateful, romantic, or sexual. I will only rp sexual content with other adults(Age 18+), I am uncomfortable rping such stuff with minors, whether they are an rp partner or an oc. That said, I'm pretty sure I've gotten so old and jaded I wouldn't get along with a person under like 20 anyway. My ocs are mostly sci-fi right now, but I'm all about variety and wouldn't mind tackling a range of topics and ideas. I'm ok with most mature themes, but would like to discuss beforehand.

My ocs tend to range from small to big, from sweet to complete jerks, and everywhere in-between. I just ask that people don't mistake my oc's behaviors and feelings as my own. My ocs can be jerks, it doesn't mean I am. You'd be surprised how often people think I'm character hostility means out of character hostility.... If I have an issue, I am not afraid to mention it, but I will be as respectful and kind about it as I can. I ask for honesty and respect in return.

All and all, I'm pretty laid back though and am fine with putting my ocs in any settings really. I'm not strict with oc canon and most my ocs are in space and I can just make sci-fi magic happen to put them in other places, or you know, AUs are a thing.

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