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I'm a long-time roleplayer who likes to write about all things weird and interesting. A lover of sci-fi, modern fantasy, robots, and freaks of all kinds.

A little about my playstyle:

I tend to write long posts. If you're not the patient sort, nor the sort that enjoys reading, I'm probably not a good roleplay partner for you. However, I don't require my partners to write long posts. As long as you don't mind if I write long, I don't mind if you write short.
I prefer using Discord over other methods of communication, but I'm open to Google Docs, forums, etc.
I love to draw, and sometimes RP inspires me. I may ask to draw your character if we have a scene that inspires me.
I generally don't enjoy writing smut. Story-significant sex scenes with reason and heart are one thing. There must always be story.

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