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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 18

if only you knew why i do the things i do...
-agent ghost

hello everybody. i am nightmaregamesYT

i'm a bit of a writer. currently looking for an illustrator to make concept art for a few of my characters.

i prefer longer responses in rps, which makes it easier for me to write responses. i use a variety of characters, spanning across several genres

i do not do romantic rps...fine, i occasionally do them, but not as a mainstream rp. of course love is woven into some of them.

during epic week, i'm a bit of a collector, always looking for the new treasures that come to rpr during this event.

do not be afraid to shoot me a message, as im almost always online.

lastly, feel free to rp with any and all of my characters.

new stuff: my stories featuring my characters are here:

i now have an instagram for my story promotions.
add me at agentghost01


Rave Reviews

  • He’s a lovely RPer. Just the right amount of description for someone lazy as me to keep up. I’d suggest him because... well, he’s just great! Amazing in and out of character. :)
    -- WhatsInTheCube
  • So I actually haven't role-played with but I already know he is a cool dude. And he is a man of culture when it comes to memes.
    -- ARainbowNarwhal

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