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if you fight fire with fire, the world goes up in flames
I guess I'll just sit here, and watch the world burn All because I'm active around the site and not responding to you doesn't mean I'm ghosting you. Unless I have 100% inspiration so I can offer my best responses, I won't respond to my RPs. I hover around the site and work on characters to pass time and hopefully draw my motivation back.

joined October 21st 2018, 6:37pm
INFJ | Capricorn

Rave Reviews

I'm going to give this young lady kudos for her heartfelt Happy Holidays thread! Such wise words written and shared! StaticNightmares is a wise woman indeed! - Rogue-Scribe
The fact that we have more than 10k+ messages both combined from IC and OOC shows how much time we've had each other's backs in the most needful times. Wether they were tough times, sad times, or even times where neither of us could talk to each other... We always found a way out of it, even if it seemed impossible or unreachable. But other than that, Static is one unique bean and I'll always recommend giving yourself a try to talk to them. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I still do. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - JustAPlayer

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