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Status: Semi-hiatus, If I'm not replying, it's either I'm busy or too tired, don't worry I'm not ghosting you, I'll be back soon or later 😭

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Hello, I'm a slow replier, but I'm always reply.

I'm not an english speaker so I'm sorry if there are a lot of grammar mistakes!


I think I should write more in my bio, but... I don't know what should I write here.

If I could be a fiction character, I want to be Peter Pan, so I can fly, never grows old, and life in Neverland forever.


*) All of my characters art is drawn by me.

Rave Reviews

I've known Nindya for quite a while. Though I haven't RPed with her yet, I have to say that she definitely has the creativity of being a great roleplayer! She is also super sweet and friendly in OOC, so please, guys, don't lose this chance to start an RP with her or just be her friend. It'll totally be worth it! XD

PS. Also, follow her Instagram! REALLY! Her works are great! <3 <3 <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - HibariHaru013
Nindyaru is a awesome roleplayer...
We have done two roleplays a continuation of one and I enjoy it.
They make my day more happier when I read their responses...which are amazing and their drawings plus the photos they put to help show what they mean is even better! I love nindyaru as a friend and hope you friend them too!! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Scarletwolf

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