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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: April 04


37_cat_pagedoll_f2u_by_ichimatsusama-das41r1.gifhi! you can call me red. i'm a pretty shy and anxious person, so i might not approach you first, but you're always welcome to drop in my inbox! i'm an experienced roleplayer whose favorite genres include modern, angst, and some high fantasy, and i also like to sometimes draw subpar art.

my character profiles are for the time being...a little basic and need updating, which i'm getting ready to do sometime in the future. so if you were lurking about and see a character you liked poof, don't worry! chances are i just hid them because they weren't getting used enough, and i really need to start focusing on my main characters.

list of updated profiles (if not on here, their information is probably inaccurate)

Zadakite (for the most part, anyways)

currently: hit a major slump. will get to my partners when i can. STRESSED AND DEPRESSED™

-- unless otherwise stated, all ART belongs to ME, and all PHOTOS do NOT belong to me! please do not use my art or aesthetic boards for your own characters <3 --

RP disclaimer
unless discussed before, all RPs are considered to be uncanon- as in, our RP won't affect my or your characters' backgrounds. UNLESS you want it to! if our RP is going along smashingly, then hell yeah I'll consider making our stuff canon. just talk to me about it!

i'm involved from anywhere of 5 to 10 RPs at once, so if it's been about a week since my last reply, just poke me in the face. chances are i probably opened your post with the intent to reply and it got lost in my twenty million tabs i have open at once. i won't get mad at you, i swear. <3

i am also a non-consent roleplayer, which basically means as long as you don't kill any of my characters without asking feel free to abuse them in any way you want. punch them, kidnap them, shoot them, beat them long as they don't die and it is reasonable, i'll let it happen.

EST time zone
Monday - Thursday: 5PM to 10PM
Friday: 5PM to 3AM
Saturday: 11AM to 3AM
Sunday: 11AM to 11PM

about me
as I said above, you can just call me Red here. I'm a member of the LGBT+ community and identify as lesbian! I'm 100% a nerd who hides in grunge clothing and heavy metal music. I own like five billion animals, my favorite of which is my boy Scooby. he's dumber than a box of rocks, honestly kinda ugly, but gosh dang if he isn't the happiest, loving dog I've ever met.

I'm not really into any fandoms, except for kind of WoW. I also like the Eragon series, but it's been like four years since I've read them AGH. I'm also loosely interested in the Walking Dead, more so the comics than the TV series. The Crow or Boondock Saints is 100% my favorite movie I love them <3

RP information
I wouldn't call myself highly selective, but I can be kind of picky sometimes due to my lack of free time. I have 6+ years of experience, but I like to think that nobody is ever done growing as a writer.

I tend to write novella, though my replies can be as small as 5 paragraphs to over 1000 words. most of my RPs are on a bi-weekly basis, but if it seems like you're super excited and enjoying it I'll probably reply way more often. <3

if my shoddy art skills allow it, I'll probably end up drawing you a thing if I really like a scene. it might just be some shitposting I thought about that hasn't actually happened though lol whoops.

RP Do's and Don'ts
hey there, wanna RP with me? NOICE. here are some things I do and don't do.

Dark Themes (profanity, abuse, violence, drugs)
Character Injury
Fade to Black
Romance (predetermined and developed over RP)
Explicit, Written Smut (kissing and occasionally nudity is fine in some cases)
Major Character Death
Extreme Injury without Consent

Rave Reviews

  • (2 of 2) And to crown it all, Red/Nine’s one of the coolest, dankest and brightest pals you’ll meet on this site, always up for random banter, ‘poo’-posting art (let’s keep it PG13, eh?), a healthy amount of (outdated) meme/vine references and casual...
    -- GarnaalProductions
  • (1 of 2) This crazy CAPITALIST creature here was the first to introduce me to the art of novella RP, and man, I promptly fell in love with her kick-ass writing style as well as her attention to those wonderful lil' details, interactions and descriptions that...
    -- GarnaalProductions

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    "(2 of 2) And to crown it all, Red/Nine’s one of the coolest, dankest and brightest pals you’ll meet on this site, always up for random banter, ‘poo’-posting art (let’s keep it PG13, eh?), a healthy amount of (outdated) meme/vine references and casual blabbering. I’d totally recommend her to anyone up for good-quality RPs™ and having a good time. Anyway, stay you ‘n stay cool, Nine’o’mine!"
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    "I recently reached out to Nine after seeing her utterly amazing character profiles and I was so right to do so. Nine is a ball of fun who's sheer excitement over the smallest of details and wit leaves me laughing over the smallest of details all the while her utterly stellar rping skills leave me desperate for that next reply so I can spend more time getting to know Venus and crew. If you ever get the chance to rp with her take it, it will be very much worth it!"
    (About 6 days and 3 hours ago)
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    "While our RP came to a pause due to busy schedules, I must say that for the time I wrote with Serv, I absolutely loved it! His characters, his writing, his plot twists and ability to get you invested for what's to come- all of it was incredible. It was a helluva' ride, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it- there wasn't a moment that I couldn't wait to see what happened next! I hope that someday we can continue our story. <3"
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