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  • Birthday: April 04




dcyfxhg-93c9be4b-7e4a-4984-9f55-0b13ac8faa90.pnghi! you can call me red. i'm a pretty shy and anxious person, so i might not approach you first, but you're always welcome to drop in my inbox! i'm an experienced roleplayer whose favorite genres include modern, some sci-fi, and some high fantasy, and i also like to sometimes draw subpar art.

currently: taking a bit of a break.

check out my upcoming apocalypse campaign!


about me: wassup, losers. i'm a dumb gay nerd who's studying to be a veterinary technician because working with animals is basically my only skill in life. in between my classes and early life crises, i like to write and draw. i am a fine connoisseur of dumb memes and shitposting involving my own and my partner's characters because apparently that's what tickles my pickle. approach with caution if you are not a fan of weeping hysterically over character interactions and tons of OOC chatter, because that's what you'll be experiencing with me.

i'm a neurotic loser who is particularly prone to shifting from 'replies every 2 seconds' to 'replies every week' so please note that i am not ignoring you. i'm probably just having a minor mental breakdown and will be back soon, leave a message after the beep thx


rp preferences: i'm a novella writer, which means that you can expect my average response to be 700+ words at least. mileage may vary, but that'll be the low-end while some replies may get upwards of 1800+ words. can you say...internal monologue with me?

i will write just about everything in terms of 'mature themes' and 'creepy/messed up shit' so long as it does not involve erotica. nope. nadda. not happening. pressure me into it and i will immediately end our story there. i do fade-to-black only, and only some occasional sexual references. nudity and stuff is fine, but no hanky-panky, kids. get over it.

i have no problem leading the plot, but i will expect you to do more than just react to what i write. provide something, mmkay? make this an exciting experience for both of us. don't do what i expect you to do! mess my plans up. make me scream in horrified surprise. throw me through a rollercoaster of emotions.

i am a non-con player, which means that aside from character death, you do not have to ask before you injure or do something to my character. beat them up. treat them like garbage. kidnap them. bring them to the brink of death. just don't cut their heads off, thx.


rp rules: i will write with anyone regardless of age because i do not do erotica, so it doesn't matter. i learned to RP when i was younger with mentors so i'm happy to do the same! just be aware that i'll hold you to the same standards as everyone else.

respect my privacy and my free time. i do not have to spend every moment that i am on the site chatting to you/replying to our RP, and as soon as you start pestering me over that, i'm likely to cut things off. if it's been more than a week, nudge me! if it's been a day, don't. if you see me active elsewhere on the site, please do not take it as me ignoring you. i have other obligations than just you. no hard feelings. < 3

unless we decide otherwise after a long-term RP, our story is considered semi-canon for my character(s). some events will be referenced to, maybe even made permanent on my side, but otherwise, it won't affect other RPs i have with that character. if after several months you want to make a character relationship exclusive, ask me and i'll be happy to do something with you!

i am RPR exclusive. i do not do Furcadia, Discord, Deviantart, etc - unless explicitly stated, all of my RPs happen here.

also i'll draw you things. lots of things. be prepared.


-- unless otherwise stated, ART on my characters' profiles is done by me. use it in any way and i'll snap yer fingers off. --

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