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  • Birthday: April 04




about me
dcyfxhg-93c9be4b-7e4a-4984-9f55-0b13ac8faa90.pnghi! you can call me red. i'm a pretty shy and anxious person, so i might not approach you first, but you're always welcome to drop in my inbox! i'm an experienced roleplayer whose favorite genres include modern, some sci-fi, high fantasy, and i also like to sometimes draw subpar art.

Rave Reviews

  • I had an art commission done that came out just as I imagined! I am so pleased, she was so polite and kept in touch while it was being worked on. ♡ I am absolutely happy, and will come back for more work in the future ♡
    -- Qanuippit
  • (2 of 2) And to crown it all, Red/Nine’s one of the coolest, dankest and brightest pals you’ll meet on this site, always up for random banter, ‘poo’-posting art (let’s keep it PG13, eh?), a healthy amount of (outdated) meme/vine references and casual...
    -- GarnaalProductions

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