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Open to RPs!

My Writing Style:

I love multi-paragraph posts- I try to keep to a minimum of three well-developed multi-sentence paragraphs and expect the same from my partners. I'd call myself an Intermediate-Advanced roleplayer.

I make sure I have good grammar and spelling in every post (though sometimes my spelling gets overlooked since I often write posts on my phone- I'm working on that).

I predominantly play female characters in MxF roleplays.

Genres I Love:
Medieval low fantasy

Genres I Don't Love:
High Fantasy
Slice of Life

Sex in RP
Heavy magic
Extreme Gore (Saw-levels)

Rave Reviews

Emma Beckett (played by noodle)
Emma is such a cool character! I love how everything is laid out. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - SparkiiRP
I've only started an RP with noodle a very short while ago but she is so GREAT at RPing that she deserves a kudo right now. She is very detailed and writes many paragraphs and it's just so much fun RPing with her! You should RP with noodle here because she is great! :D - Zapsalis

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