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hello, i'm nya(lli) and i have no idea what i'm doing!

just your friendly neighborhood witch, baker, part-time mermaid, and cat enthusiast.
i enjoy learning about stones and crystals and their properties, and i am currently learning how to read tarot cards. depending on the season, i love going for long walks and hikes in the woods or a beach. i also cosplay! i attend cons local to the northeastern new england area.
this will be the home for all the original characters my brain decides to hatch up, but roleplaying will be very limited (i'm not a very good writer...) unless i know you well (or have the patience of the ages)
however, i don't mind if you (or your characters!) would like to say hello! with that in mind, please do not attempt to flirt or start anything of a sexual nature with myself or my characters. we frighten easily.
i would also like to mention that i am an unfortunately busy person (work, school, conventions do that to ya), and hope y'all don't get offended if i don't answer right away!
thank you for happening upon me and my kids!

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Rem (played by nyallison)
Could this cutie be any more adorable? Very unique, and someone I'd love to try drawing in the near future. Everyone should give her hugs! - Fox

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