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oLuna either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

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Lunnaaaaaa! #rhinosquadforlyfe!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, you're so cool, that it'll take 5000, no 5000000 characters to describe it all!

What can I say other than you're an AMAZING writer? Oh yeah, you really know how to stay in character and to give vivid details and depictions. You've only been here for about a month, and already you're one of my greatest friends on this site! The people that you'll meet here will simply fall in LOVE with your writing.

I'm glad to have met you. ^_^ - _EBG
For starters, Luna is an AMAZING writer. I always find myself impressed with her writing skills and how descriptive and elaborate she can be when writing, especially when she does inner-monologue.
And OOC she is very funny and cool to hang out with. Things never seem to be dull when she is around, so I'm thankful that I got to meet her. Unfortunately, there's not enough space for me to express how much I enjoy doing stuff with Luna, but nevertheless I strongly recommend checking her out. - Flashwolf96

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