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Hi there!

Thanks for checking out my profile. You can call me Luna, I’m twenty and I’m from the UK!

I’ve been writing for a long ass time. I’m fairly inactive on this website, but I am always looking for people to RP with! If you're interested, give me a shout on either here or my Discord (Fen#4719)

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oLuna either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Luna is funny, both IC and OOC. I've always loved talking to her and although she doesn't roleplay on here very much anymore, she's still pretty active as far as I know. I love joking around with her and Joly, doing some shenanigans with them. I've had some ups and downs and she's talked to me and helped me get through stuff. And I truly cherish her presence in my life like all my other friends. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - xSethx
Oh, Lovely Luna! <3

She deserves much more than just to be recommended. For the short time I've known her, this girl has been such a brightening presence whenever I message her. Her bubbly personality and the conversations we have always leave me rolling on the floor laughing. The amount of details, depth, and emotions she puts into one single post keep me at the edge of my chair waiting for her next reply! You're missing out on a blast if you don't RP with Luna!

ily <3 - halwa_noori

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    Luna is an inspiration and continues to bring a spark of wonder to every single character interaction. She's considerate and incredibly well versed in formatting, dynamics, and plot health. She'll leave you wondering what's going to happen next and LOVING the moment you find out. Her characters are very real, well put together, and creatively planned out. Learning new things about her brain-children are my favourite pass-time while I wait for her next brilliant post. Wonderful writer Long-term partner
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