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Planet 56 -- a 21+ RP archiving forum
multi genre, original and fandom, group and 1x1

♦ M/M, NSFW, Alternating Lengths
♦ Adventure and Romance, Non-Genre to All-Genre, AUs
3rd POV in struggle tense
♦ Origfic preferred, Fandom list to follow.

♦ 21+ or DNI ♦
Please Do Not Interact (apart from the RPR main) if you are below the age of 21 -- I'm mean and I cuss. Plus your bones are still growing, why are you in front of a screen, go get a job some sun.

Prescriptivism is for classist chumps. I'm an active editor but I also have chronic illness lamebrain, so -- I'm just going to do my best, and get plenty of sleep and water and sandwiches before trying to operate wordy machinery.

"We are put on earth to fart around," said Vonnegut, "don't let anyone tell you any different."

♦ Google Docs ♦ is the ONLY secondary location to which I'm comfortable following anyone, and even then only because 1) autosave and freasy edits, 2) the formatting options are fantastic and 3) we can leave OOC in notes right there in the clicky bits.

Otherwise let's stay here with the tools we've got and the accountability we've been given. I'm a sucker for good oldfashioned roleplay forums; the nostalgia is the reason I'm here.

Content: Violence
This writer has worked in violence reduction IRL, and appreciates keeping a border between realistic harm and otherwise cartoonish displays of magical non-real 'fights' in die rolls and hype 2D animation styles. If the roleplay is asking for violence, I prefer writing that violence realistically -- its origin, its execution, and its impact.
Content: NSFW
Similarly, I prefer a practical narrative in regards to character sex. Sex is messy and imperfect, because human beings are messy and imperfect -- and the opinion and execution of sexual acts is left up to the individual character motivation and regard.

Fade to Black is fine for YA rated storylines and nonroms, otherwise the NSFW label regards explicit content.

I like to write plot-heavy, slowburn romances that can pepper in the physcial stuff, and I also like writing tortured hedonists who pack on the drama because they play too much. Sometimes in the same storyline, even.

♥ Fandoms A-Z ♥
Assassin's Creed ♦ The Avengers/MCU ♦ Dragon Age ♦ Elder Scrolls: Oblivion + Skyrim ♦ Fallout ♦ Final Fantasy 7-12 ♦ Hannibal (2013) ♦ HiNaBN ♦ Homestuck ♦ Legend of Zelda BotW ♦ Neil Gaiman: various ♦ The Nice Guys ♦ Our Flag Means Death ♦ Peacemaker ♦ Sherlock BBC ♦ Tarantinoverse ♦ True Detective ♦ VtM:B ♦ The Witcher ♦ World of Darkness

Other fandoms I enjoy but not for RP: Animal Crossing, Atlanta, Beastars, Bioshock, Bob's Burgers, Elfquest, Harvest Moon, Odd Taxi, Resident Evil, Stardew Valley, What We Do in the Shadows

Trans men are real men. Trans women are real women. Intersex people are real people.

At the risk of sounding like an overtired social justice veteran: Do Not Interact if you disagree. You won't change my mind, I won't change yours, we'll both have wasted valuable internet time better spent creating cool things! ♥

Rave Reviews

Whatever hang ups I have about my writing, none of it matters when I write with oven. Their enthusiasm for a good story reminds me this is supposed to be FUN, and inspires me to create far beyond our RP. Doesn't hurt that they're one of the best writers, just in general, period. Fantastic company OOC. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - silentruth

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