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My name is Katrina, I am a student, writer, tutor, and an actor! I like to RP by playing an ensemble cast (that is, I always play more than one character. Generally, I "main" three, with two supports, but that varies depending on the RP.)

I love fountain pens, classic literature, Ray Bradbury, theatre, and, of course, writing.

Oh, and lately my mental illness has been really destroying me, so I wanted to thank everyone who I'm currently Role Playing with, because RP is one of the few coping mechanisms I have that really help take me away from all of it. Hats off to you all.

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Rping with Pandakatiefominz has been one of my highlights this year! She is a wonderful RPer and she is very understanding and patient as well! Her replies are filled with interactions which makes you want to read everything the second you get her response. I highly recommend having a RP with this one! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Aggy1231

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