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I'm very new to this website, but not to roleplaying. All of my roleplays seemed to have dried up and withered away, but I'm eager to find new ones.
-Post at least once a week, more often if possible. I am a patient person, and I obviously understand that people have lives outside of this website, or anything online for that matter, so if life kicks up or you just have no inspiration, talk to me!
-Like I said, talk to me. I just want to know if something gets in the way of you replying and that it's not because of me. And if it is because me, tell me so I can adjust!
-Length. I myself write very long starters, and would like to see the same in return. I'd like to see the same amount of effort put forth. I understand sometimes there's just nothing to write to make the reply any longer. Conversation heavy parts, or even just awkward transition phases. For times like those, I'd say there a 2-3 paragraph minimum.
-Grammar and spelling is slightly flexible for me, because I do understand(I reply on mobile most times) but I would like it to be understandable. Read through it before you reply to make sure it makes sense. And if I have a question, I'll just ask you OOC.
-Most of my roleplays will involve heavy swearing, blood, violence, side character death, drinking, and conflict between our characters. I have a character that's a pirate and one (coming soon) that's a serial killer. It's to be expected.
-Third person, past tense only.
-I would prefer a PM RP, but I'm good with public threads too if you insist heavily (is that how this site works? Still pretty confused. If anyone wants to help me with figuring it out, feel free.) I have discord, but don't use it very often and would prefer PMs, or even forums.

If you're interested in my characters or just chatting, then send me a PM!

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