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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: February 19

Hello, honey.


I only RP with people aged 18+ and have their age shown on their profile, purely for safeguarding reasons.

My RP style is detailed paragraphs interlinked, with medium to long responses in a private message, not directly in the forums. If you're only going to reply with a couple of lines or a single sparse paragraph, of course there will be someone out there who'll enjoy that, however, I'm not that person.

Preferred genres are Historic, Modern, Romance, Mystery, Horror, Slice of Life, Hurt/Comfort, Drama etc. I'm also ok with elements of fantasy, but not a fan of full on Lotr style, for example, a few elves, having powers, and magick is fine, everyone being some type of mythical creature, isn't my thing. Although if you're interested in RPing with me but have different tastes, send me a message anyway and we can probably come up with a compromise we both like.

I'm more than happy to accept private messages and friend requests, I only bite if necessary.

Rave Reviews

  • RpR has caught kudos fever and this gorgeous lady deserves all the love and adoration that will fit in this teeny tiny box. She's sweet. She's really, really sweet. Her writing needs to be published. Her flowery, eloquent language is fine dining, but with...
    -- Abigail_Austin
  • Beautiful, poetic writing! Raw, unadulterated authenticity! A genuine person. A sweet person. And wit. Oh, the wit. She's a firestarter! I have RP'd with her character Queenie and let me tell you--never a dull moment. Her username is from Les Mis, that tells you...
    -- Abigail_Austin

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