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on a little hiatus as life has gotten rather busy. i will be back!

infj/p • qpoc • shyguy • genderqueer • yyz/est • old dude

Hi, I'm phylus. I'm a long-time roleplayer with my glorious start on Neopets many moons ago. I'm pretty sure I made up and popularized the "word" ivorn while roleplaying lupes when I was 13. Oops! Although I'm kept pretty busy with life, I try to make time to come online because I adore developing my characters. I'm friendly, if not a little awkward, and welcome chat.

I enjoy, in no particular order, finding horses on Red Dead Redemption 2, tending to my many plants, print-making, illustration, birding by ear, and napping.


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phylus either has no characters, or has made all their characters anonymous. Mysterious!

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  • So glad to see you around again. By far one of my favorite people to both roleplay and just chat with. ♥
    -- Angie

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