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Whilst you were writing an interesting and informative profile... I studied the blade.
RP Information
Reply Frequency: W A C K - even more so on weekends.
Writing Style: usually 1-4 paragraphs, depending on the circumstances. third-person, past tense.
Favourite Things to RP: any type of science fiction. medieval fantasy. platonic bonds (friendship, family/found family, heck even enemies). light-hearted/feel-good types of stories. more dramatic stories with angst and emotional scenes and all that. RPs with both of those elements mixed in. character-building/world-building. 1x1 RPs.
Other Things I Like to RP: romance (FxF, FxNB, NBxNB). modern/urban fantasy. small group RPs.
Things That I Might RP, Situationally: slice of life. fandoms. horror. realistic historical settings. large groups.
Things I Will Not RP: romance with a male character involved. sexual content. intense gore. frequent/story-dominating combat.
If you'd like to know about something that wasn't listed, feel free to ask - I probably just forgot to mention it.

Rave Reviews

VALE! VALE! VALE! VALE! It has been too long since I last gave a kudo to the loverly Vale~ Known and have been growing closer over the last forever that we've had the pleasure to share together, and hopefully many more follow! Vale was and still is an absolute light in the dark for me, and we bonded almost instantly! We've had great times and even better times; from cattos to...more...cattos really- I love the Vale <3 Many and much love for the Vale <3 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - JaiyanaBinx
Val is a wonderful RP partner to have. They're kind, patient and an absolute pleasure to interact with, be it in chat or through characters. They write consistently solid posts with a great deal of insight into their characters' natures and a lot of style!
They really helped me find my marks on the site, and I glad to know them. Kind and understanding Helpful - Claywind

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