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πŸ¦‹Hello! 'Tis I, Valentine/the Pixl Bee - chaotic disaster gay and dweller of the void!🐝
~HOBBIES INCLUDE... Playing video games, being a sarcastic bastard, listening to music (aka vibing), making puns, a bit of necromancy, daydreaming, trying to write, pining, procrastinating on homework, making obscure references, self-deprication, napping, and a li'l bit of be gay do crime.
~FAVOURITE RP GENRES ARE... Any type of science fiction! As well as modern/urban fantasy. (Sometimes I like a good ol' realistic slice-of-life RP, but generally I prefer elements of sci-fi, magic, or the supernatural.) A bit iffy on romance - I think it's important to see how the characters mesh together before agreeing to add romance to a story. If it works out, then cool, but if not then there's no need to force it. Not so much a fan of horror or realistic historical RPs, but I'm still open to discussing them (as well as anything else I haven't already mentioned.) Sexual content is the only thing that won't be discussed. I'm underage, and anyway I have no interest in RPing content like that.
~Okay, that's about it I think. Ciao! And feel free to contact me any time!

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