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🌇“they say the good die young. no use in saying what is done is done, 'cause it's not enough. and when the night gives way, it's like a brand new doomsday.
what will be will be. every river flows into the sea, but it's never enough. and when the night gives way, it's like a brand new doomsday.”🌇

oh... hi! :) welcome to my profile. thanks for stopping by, and I hope you're doing well :)
I'm not the best at introductions - I'm really shy, and don't like talking about myself all that much, but I'll put a bit of info here so there is at least something to read.
the name's Valentine, but feel free to call me V, Val, Vale... any nickname is fine, really (as long as it's respectful of course). I actually really like collecting nicknames...
my main interests are music, reading/writing, and video games, and if you ask about them, I can and will ramble for hours. instead of rambling on my profile, however, I'll drop some little bits of miscellaneous information instead: my favourite season is Fall - I love Halloween, the crisp air, and the pretty colourful leaves. I also love animals and nature, cinnamon, the performance arts, and the scent of conifer trees. I have a knack for sarcasm, and for making puns. and despite having hobbies, the majority of my time is spent on procrastination and daydreaming.
aaand that's enough about me - onto my RP preferences and all that. since this is an RP website, that is probably why you're here anyway.
RP Information (EXPAND TO VIEW)
My favourite genre is science fiction - almost any type - as well as modern/urban fantasy. Medieval fantasy is also something I enjoy. Sometimes I like a simple realistic slice-of-life RP, but generally I prefer to include elements of sci-fi, magic, or the supernatural. A bit iffy on romance - I think it's important to see how the characters mesh together before agreeing to add romance to a story. If it works out, then cool, but if not then there's no need to force it. (If it does come up, I feel most comfortable doing FxF or FxNB romances. MxM or MxNB are a maybe, and MxF is very unlikely.) Not so much a fan of combat-centric or realistic historical RPs, but I'm still open to discussing them (as well as anything else I haven't already mentioned.) Sexual content is the only thing that won't be discussed. I'm a minor, and also very uncomfortable with the idea anyway.
I usually write a couple of paragraphs, but it depends on the current situation in the RP. (For example, during scenes with a lot of dialogue I tend to write less.) I'd say my spelling and grammar are pretty good, but of course no-one is perfect and I make mistakes just like everyone else.
I can reply multiple times a day, or a few times a week - it really depends on my mental health, as well as how busy I am. I try my best to let people know when I'll be inactive, but unfortunately I sometimes forget. If I do forget, I'm very sorry. Feel free to pester me for replies if it's been awhile.

I'm very shy, but anyone is welcome to contact me if they'd like to chat or RP. either way, thanks for reading and have a lovely [insert time of day here]. :) ciao!

Rave Reviews

VALE! VALE! VALE! VALE! It has been too long since I last gave a kudo to the loverly Vale~ Known and have been growing closer over the last forever that we've had the pleasure to share together, and hopefully many more follow! Vale was and still is an absolute light in the dark for me, and we bonded almost instantly! We've had great times and even better times; from cattos to...more...cattos really- I love the Vale <3 Many and much love for the Vale <3 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - JaiyanaBinx
Val is a wonderful RP partner to have. They're kind, patient and an absolute pleasure to interact with, be it in chat or through characters. They write consistently solid posts with a great deal of insight into their characters' natures and a lot of style!
They really helped me find my marks on the site, and I glad to know them. Kind and understanding Helpful - Claywind

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