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My old bio was too long, so I’m rewriting it

Hello, y’all can call me Glass or whatever else you feel like calling me, it doesn’t matter to me, ahah

I have a habit of disappearing for relatively long spans of time, so if you haven’t heard from me in a hot minute, be not afraid. Sometimes I just need a break, so I won’t say anything for, like, a week, but I’ll come back once my head is on straight again

I have a habit of rambling when I get onto a topic I’m passionate about, so be prepared to read an essay about something pointless every once in a while. My main special interests are ARGs, cryptids, taxidermy, OMORI, Danganronpa, AJJ, ROAR, Roland Faunte...ok, I have more than I thought, but I’ll stop there

In terms of roleplaying, I have mostly male or masculine presenting characters. I have a heavy preference for MxM, but MxF and FxF are good too. Of course, I don’t always need romance in a story, as long as the plot is interesting, I’m more than happy to stick with characters just being friends or whatever

My responses vary in length. Starters and replies to starters are usually 3-5 paragraphs in length, but they get shorter once we’ve settled into a scene. I don’t do one word or one sentence replies ever

I like melodrama and all that jazz, so sometimes my stories or character backstories can get pretty dark. I’m more than happy to work around any triggers or uncomfortable subjects that my partners have, so you don’t need to worry about that ^^ just let me know what needs to be handled with care/avoided all together and I’ll do the rest

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