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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 25

Ashley. 25. Libra. Like that matters.
Actual Mom Friend. (I have two entire small children!)
Been locked down since 2009, put the ring on it in 2012.
Will gush about my husband and childes. I'm gross and in love leave me alone.
18+ Roleplay Partners Only.
Most Likely To Fight Cathy At PTA.
Too poor to be part of the PTA, actually.
Probably 90% of the population of Bramford.
Message me with questions about the community, I'm staff there!

It has been 17 days since Ashley broke down and created a new character.

For those of you wondering what's been going on with me lately:


I work Tues-Sat 2pm-9pm EST. I am only available on RPR and Discord during those hours, so feel free to message me. If you don't have my discord, you can message me for it if we have something on-going.

I do not list my friends on my profile. It feels really Bad. I also don't like to give player kudos, but I will give your characters as many as you could possibly want. It's nothing personal. Things change.

I honestly prefer that you do not leave me kudos. If you feel like you've gotta show your love, leave one on a specific character so that people know to roleplay with that one!

Rave Reviews

  • Ashley has more enthusiasm in her pinkie than I do in my whole body, and a blessing on Bramford. And me. Mostly me. A great sense of the long game and with realistic play and expectations, she reminds me why I love role play so much every time I just see any of her...
    -- konnie
  • Though I haven't had the honor of knowing this wonderful piece of sunshine long, I have had the honor of getting know her. Not only do her characters seem like they are alive she knows how to spin stories. Plus, this golden peach is an amazing friend.
    -- SennM

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