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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 25

A good dog.

Contact me on Furcadia via Howdy.

Owner @ Caribou Coast.
Always willing to answer questions about it!

Actual Mom Friend

Been locked down since 2009, put the ring on it in 2012.
I have two small children! I will gush to you about them and about how much I love my husbabe if we become friends. Sorry not sorry.
I will also love you as fiercely as I possibly can and treat you like one of my own. I will not, however, allow this to blind me to toxicity and drama! Have been doing that for too long. I'm an adult now, I don't need it, sorry.
18+ Roleplay Partners Only.
As an Actual Mom I'm just not comfortable putting myself at risk by roleplaying with underage partners. I also would never roleplay a theme I wouldn't want to see my children roleplaying with an adult with a minor. It's just not good. Sorry.
I roleplay mature themes and sexual content (with plot! Never without) and expect my partners to be of an age where this would not be considered inappropriate.
Despite this, I am always willing to discuss limits with my partners and respect boundaries! Please be sure to voice those at the start.
Fun Facts
Sometimes I pretend to love drawing but it mostly frustrates me.
My pinky toes are so short that for the first year of our relationship my now-husband just assumed I didn't have any because he couldn't see them under the band of my sandals.
Communication is kind of a huge deal to me. I will tell you if something is bothering me. I will listen and try to adjust my behaviors when there is a problem. I expect the same respect out of my role-play partners and friends. If mutual communication isn't your bag, this probably won't work.
If you can't communicate with me, then you shouldn't be roleplaying with me or claiming to be my friend. If I have to hear how you feel from others, then you hold no respect for me and I hold none for you.

Most Likely To Fight Cathy At PTA.
Too poor to be part of the PTA, actually.

It has been 0 days since Ashley broke down and created a new character.

Rave Reviews

  • I've reached the end of my rope with Ashley - actually the rope ran out a while ago. I'm just sitting here. being Done. every day she comes online and brightens the place up with her effervescent personality, her dynamic array of characters and her positive and kind...
    -- Fiebs
  • I am not even sure I can accurately put into words how amazing she is. I honestly was intimidated by her at first and I'm so glad I got over that because she has easily become one of my best online friends. Not only is her writing and character creation genius,...
    -- Caitlin

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