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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 25

A good dog.

I've got a lot of sweet beans in my life and they know who they are.
21+ Players, 18+ Characters only.
Pro Tips For Roleplaying With Me
- Communication is key. Tell me if there's a problem so we can work it out. Please bear in mind, communication is more than telling someone there's a problem- it's discussion, which involves listening to each other.
- Substance is important. I love romance, but it cannot be the only element to the story. Don't use my characters for explicit scenes and then gloss over everything else that's important to the actual character. I will lose interest if that's all you want to do!
- IC Drama is great! OOC is not tolerated. We're here to have fun; this is not a job, it's a hobby and we are both allowed time to take a break. I'll keep you informed if I need to take a breather. Don't treat me with sudden hostility because of it.
- If I notice that you seem to ignore key parts of my character, especially if I present them openly in roleplay with you, I will request that we stop. I'm writing these things for you to read and pay attention to for the sake of your own character, and it's a major bummer when I feel like someone is just skimming my roleplay for the parts they like.

Rave Reviews

  • I am not even sure I can accurately put into words how amazing she is. I honestly was intimidated by her at first and I'm so glad I got over that because she has easily become one of my best online friends. Not only is her writing and character creation genius,...
    -- Caitlin
  • What is there to say about Ashley? I mean aside from her completely genuine, wonderful acceptance of other people and the way she bends over backward to include everyone in her schemes. She is something of an entrepreneur of brainchildren. She can take the smallest,...
    -- emily

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