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Ashley | 26 | Married | Female
Discord, Furcadia, Private Messages.
Hidden Valley Ranch
A good dog.

The sweetest Jelly Beans:
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Rave Reviews

  • I like Ashley. She's good people. And because I should definitely expand upon that... she is somebody who slipped into our group and just belonged there the moment she arrived. I'm still getting to know her (because I'm a turtle and my shell is very nice and cosy)...
    -- Owelle
  • Always excited to play my kids. I'm always excited that she wants to play my kids. I love this woman. She's been there for me too in her own way. And laughed at those who curse my name. Her loyalty and dedication will never be forgotten. Thank you Pockets. For being amazing.
    -- Michonne

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  • Willie (played by pockets) posted 2 new journal entries: Nightmares and I Hate Farewells(About 16 hours and 47 minutes ago)
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  • pockets gave Rennata (played anonymously) kudos!
    "Honestly what I love about Rennata is I get the feeling that I've only barely seen who she really is. The character feels genuine, from her own fears and worries to the care she puts into her relationships around her. I only meant to pop into a quick roleplay with her, and yet a friendship seems to be forming between her and my character so naturally that I find myself needing to explore that more deeply. A beautiful character, well written and fun even in casual situations!"
    pockets also gave kudos to Istrodan (played by Noxious), Sorwyn (played by Caitlin), BrandyCat and Owelle.(About 4 days and 10 minutes ago)
  • pockets replied to the forum topic 🎲 Beta 2.0 Party Hat Raffle! 🎉(About 4 days and 24 minutes ago)