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Hey! I'm Katerine and this is my profile. I haven't been in the RPing community for that long, but I absolutely love it! I mostly roleplay in a modern setting, with or without any fantasy is both fine for me and every opportunity for romance life gives me - I take. I try my best to keep my grammar in check, but as my native language isn't English that might not always be the case. I apologize in advance if that happens in a RP and don't hesitate to correct me. In case you stumble across my profile and think we have anything in common and you're interested in a RP with any of my characters, please feel free to send me a PM, I'll gladly respond to it.
My rules
*No one-liners. No need for a whole novel, even 2 sentences is better than nothing, just please - no one-liners.
*If there is a problem with the RP, please discuss it with me instead of disappearing. I'm sure we would find a solution to it.
*Please try to warn me if you need some time off. I absolutely understand when someone needs a break. Truth to be told I've also disappeared on my RP partners without a warning due to complete loss of motivation, so if you find yourself in such situation I'll understand, but please try warning me.
*If you want to discontinue the RP completely - just say so.
I hope you have a great day!! xx

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