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I figured I should write more, in this space, so..

*Hi there! I'm Psy, and I like to rp on Furcadia, draw, and play TF2 and Fallout.
*I'm a bit shy, but whisper-friendly for rp offers or chatting. I do multitask between posts, so it's nothing personal if whispers aren't responded to right away.
*I do draw furc ports, but I'm not taking commissions at the moment.
*For those that are curious, I was a rper at Blackstone; Forest F. was my main. I also played at Challiston Cross.
*Due to work and other commitments, I won't be able to rp daily at Greystone.

Character Rules:
*I don't consent to death or body part removal for my characters. Cuts, wounds, bruises, and the like need no consent.
*IC information should not be used when discovered via OOC means.
*My rules aren't many - just use common sense X3.

Rave Reviews

Psy and I have been friends forever and my RP evolved greatly because of them!

Love ya! Wanna play more with ya!!! - Paliana
Spider (played by psycrowe)
Visually pleasing to the eye, even with a blue as bright as his! He's a jeweler and a sailor at once, a combination you don't find often but which I find highly intriguing. :) - Sanne

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