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current long-term/serious roleplays:
current short-term/casual roleplays:

do you hear the people sing?

Hey! I’m Alex. I’ve been roleplaying for over five years now on a variety of different sites.

friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.

i come to bury caesar, not to praise him.

the basics

— they/them
— Taurus
— 12th grade
— neurodivergent
— pagan
— seasonal NPS worker

rp info

I primarily write paragraph-form third-person prose.

While I generally write multi-paragraph, I also love doing casual, shorter rps. At the top of my profile is the amount of each I’m in, and how many I’m willing to do at once.

I pride myself on creating well-rounded, interesting characters. Most of my characters are in some way unreliable narrators, and often are not morally black or white.

Usually, I create a new character for each roleplay. Most of these are grouped under the character profile l’ensemble, but ones I particularly fall in love with get their own profile. If you see a character of mine that you like, chances are I’m willing to use them, no matter who they were originally created for a rp with.


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