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Just to remind you in case you somehow missed it: I AM FEMALE

There's really not much to say about me. You want characters, then you can find some over there. -->

If I'm not online, I'm asleep.

If you ever want to talk to me outside of RPR, I can be reached on Discord at randomentity_777

As for what I look like IRL, please consult my RPR avatar: fmmvry_0_brdbrwn_scpncktl_0_0_0_lgnskrtdflt_lngbtsbrwn_0.png

Rave Reviews

Long term writing partner. Always very kind. Always ready to continue to write even if one of us takes a break. It's nice to have someone to always have the story continue with! =D Kind and understanding Long-term partner - -Danny-
Absolutely amazing to play with. They have well rounded and interesting characters, and are wonderful at carrying a plot forward. They are also generally positive and great to talk to! Can't wait to see how Adalia and Theo evolve <33 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - solaris_light

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