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Red is simply brilliant. Her art style is unique and charming, her posts bubble over with charisma and detail. Each character is clearly different from the next, versatile in personality, while her OOC banter is chock full of light humor. She knows how to write a deathly serious scene with grim detail while having a good laugh in the other window. Our chats, and her posts, make me smile. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Libertine
Red's ability to intrigue you with her characters is equally proportional to how many times she will definitely obliterate your sides. The ability she possess to immerse you in her writing, even in her character profiles alone, are only bested by few in the entirety of the Repository. The Nakkanan, a race of warmongering saurian aliens are downright creepy if not made terribly funny by our own memes. But Red's entire creations are a wonder on their own. I'm greatly thankful for the day we met. - Churchtuary

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