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red-veins either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

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While I have never RPed with red, I have commissioned a few art pieces, adopted one, and was gifted one. Her art is absolutely fantastic, I'm frankly obsessed with it and plan on getting a lot more throughout the years so long as red here keeps doing art and taking commissions and what not. She is so very talented but also kind. Though we don't talk super often when we do it's a very pleasant experience and I adore them. You won't regret getting art or conversation from red, trust me. - MercyInReach
I had an art commission done that came out just as I imagined! I am so pleased, she was so polite and kept in touch while it was being worked on. ♡ I am absolutely happy, and will come back for more work in the future ♡ - Qanuippit

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