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I'm sorry I couldn't offer a better version of myself..

The demons were just too loud.

I'm okay. I'm working on it.

But if i don't see you again, thanks for all the memories. <3

Rave Reviews

I miss role-playing with this man. His stories are the most incredible I've ever witnessed sans to Unicorn. It draws you in and paints you an amazing articulate picture you couldn't fathom a non author wrote. But besides this, he's also another one I know I could trust that when the world is driving me back, hes grabbing my arm and shoving me forward onward. Perhaps it means much more to me, because I literally feel like...we are brothers in bond. - Michonne
Hauk Alrek (played by sadi)
Gotta love Thor ;D
Everyone does!
Pahahah! An amazing person to RP with, and great to chat to OOCly too! - Lizzie

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