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Welcome to the salt factory! I'm a longtime roleplayer of 10+ years who writes primarily for the experience of collaborative storytelling. I dabble almost exclusively in the horror genre, but I love the thrill of a good piece of writing under most themes dark.

I only have a handful of characters, all of whom are connected under the same canon. None, however, are as developed as my guy Edward, who I've been writing as since I started roleplaying. Check him out if you're interested in collaborating!

Important stuff below! ***I am not currently accepting new RPs at this time!***

Time Zone: MST (Mountain Standard Time)
Hours: I do work a full-time job + some side gigs, so I only get a few hours a day to myself. My best opportunity for me time is on the weekends, and sometimes I'll want to take those for myself, too. I burn out easily. Regardless, I will try my best to write one or two replies at least every other day or so!
Platforms: RPR, Furcadia (OOC)

• Fandomless OCs
• Dark themes
• Para to Multi-Para
• One-on-One

• Novella
• Canon characters
• Magic-based fighters
• God characters (please note that I tend to decline RP with these kinds of characters, regardless of context)

• Real person characters, ie. celebrities
• Furries/feral
• God/Satan, and characters who are defined by their close relationship with them. It is difficult to explain my gripe with this, so if you're unsure, just ask!
• "Anime logic." I don't know how else to describe this. My suspension of disbelief can only go so far, so please don't insult me by ignoring basic realism.
• Godmodding

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