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“My life’s one never-ending carnival, a world of boozy-floozy flashing light!” - Noel Gruber, Ride The Cyclone
Hey there funky person who’s stumbled upon this profile! This account is owned by the Sarcasm System, and we’re an undiagnosed system of 10 (so far, that is.) It’s usually just me (Carter) here most of the time, though the other alters probably won’t mind too much. We’re mostly here for a fun time, and to flesh out our characters/pratice writing!

Our current fixations are:
Ride the Cyclone
The Magnus Archives
Good Omens

Have a great day!

Rave Reviews

Overall fun person to roleplay with! Amazing plots,stories and characters each with their own personality that draws you to them . Creative ideas Wonderful writer - GlassJungle

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