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25/F (she)/ ♎

My name is Lauren and I've been roleplaying as far back as far as I can remember!

I first took a interest in roleplaying way about in 2003-ish, and at the time I was like... way too young to be on the internet. I started back when Neopets was a thing, then traveled over to acitius whenever it got popular, and eventually furc. I've been on Furc since... I honestly don't know. It was still very new and I can name some of the super old dreams I was in LOL

I mainly stick to roleplaying in rather mature places, as that tends to fit my style a little more. I'm a rookie writer and an even more rookie artist, always coming up with ideas to make me spend money and wish I could draw better.

I love torturing my characters with development and totally open to discussing anything to do with them. Send me a private message here or on furc on the character I'm on and I'll be all over that.

As of right now I'm a college student, working as a part time dog trainer. I live in Texas with my wonderful boyfriend, our two dogs, two cats, and ferret. I want a bird too but he won't let me have an entire zoo. I'm going to UNT for a degree in English creative writing, and eventually gonna get my teaching certificate to teach the younglings. Don't let my really bad typing and spelling fool you.

I'm a super friendly person, and I will answer anyone that whispers me. I love to just talk about literally anything, including the latest Game of Thrones episode or that really cool movie that's out have you seen it yet its awesome. So message me about literally anything and we can talk for sure! Also if you ever need cheering up I have a 6 month old great dane puppy who I'd love to send you pictures of.

Contact Me!
★ Furcadia: Whatever alt I'm on, or Bloodline!
★ Discord: SavannahSage#7603
★ Steam: savannahsage
★ savannahsage#1488
★ League: SavannahSage
DeviantArt (old, I dont get on this as much)

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Rave Reviews

  • THIS LADY. THIS GAL. SHE'S MY PAL. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. I have never related so hard with someone, never have had such a connection with another person. Ours is a friendship that doesn't need the constant reassurance, because we know where we are with one another....
    -- Kirasha
  • I literally just met this person like a few days ago and my god, she is one of the cutest and greatest people I know. Insta-best friends. Bros for life. Poop and fart jokes abundant. Dark and taboo RP in bucket loads. Like for real. 10 outta 10. A+. A+ chick right here.
    -- Kirasha

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