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They/them || 27 || Aquarius

Heyoo! My name is Scarffles (or just Scarf), despite being here for a little while, I am still very green. I am slow to work on profiles and replies, so all I ask is your patience!

I've been roleplaying on forums since I was 10, so coming back to a forum-style of RP after nearly a decade is very nice. I look forward to interacting with folks!

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Nothing but love for my creative partner in crime whose brain is comparable to the brilliance of a thousand sparkling gemstones, who blinds my unworthy eyes and tears my feels asunder. We've been through thick and thin, through blood and toil to come out of it as sworn family. Scarffles is the one creative I would swear by, whose ideas are beyond compare, and someone I can roll with and we both just sail the sea of nothing to find treasures of yore. 10/10 would adventure with again. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - hexblading

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