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I started roleplaying on Warrior Cats RPG. Stuck around until it became Feral Front and then it died. Now I'm just looking round for a good RP partner who has the same or a few similar interests as me.

I mainly roleplay gay relationships. I can do topics ranging from Slice of Life to Dystopian apocalypse.
It just depends on the plot.

I refuse to do non-con, abuse (unless we're referring to a past relationship of a character then I don't mind), fetishes, and big groups.

I am currently fixating on:

-Hazbin Hotel (I rp Alastor, Angel Dust, and Husk)

-Dream SMP (I haven't rp'ed this before but I'm interested in rping: Dream, George, Techno, and Schlatt)

-Hazbin Hotel (I haven't rp'ed this either but I'm interested in rping: Blitzo or Moxie.)

-Markiplier Egos (I have the most experience rping these characters: Darkiplier <-My favorite, Wilford, Googliplier, and The Host/Author.)

-Jacksepticeye Egos (I rp Anti, Chase, Schneeple, and Marvin)

(If it's easier, we can rp on Discord. Just let me know.)

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