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STATUS: Not dead I swear just swamped with stuff to do and will be until May 23, 2020, due to school but I will respond when I can or I will respond to a post when next I log on and see it. If I don't respond for a while I swear I'm not dead just busy or distracted by something else

I will gladly do any RP you ask of me but if it takes me a while to respond it either means I am thinking of how best to respond or doing research on the fandom we are roleplaying. I do have some rules I would like followed:
1. do NOT ghost me if you lose interest in the RP just tell me don't leave me waiting for a response that will never come

2. If you want a romantic relationship developed with one of my characters. Please make sure we both agree on it before we start.

3. I will do any length post just do not give me a one-word response those annoy me to no end if you have a valid reason to do a one-word response then please tell me before one wording me

4. Please try to be somewhat grammatically correct I won't go full grammar police unless the grammatical errors become notoriously common

Other than that follow those rules and we will be fine. If you wish to RP just shoot me a message and I will respond next I log in and see it. I will gladly do any roleplay to the best of my ability.

My inbox is always open to if you want to talk just know warframe and halo consume my life so I may respond the day or two after you send a message.

Rave Reviews

I love how we both love the video game series known as Halo, and I enjoy his ideas for our roleplay. Please write with him if you want a fun story. 💙🖤 - MissLumina
there is absolutely zero chance imma let the kid go after the amazing ongoing RP we have! It is amazing and I LOVE it. The effort he takes and the time he puts into all the responses makes each reply a thrilling wait. I highly recommend people to get RPing with this awesome person ^^ Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Aaricia

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