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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 18

💐 My name is Yuuma/Sizhui!
💐 Asian-American
💐 Gay (+ taken!)
💐 My timezone is PST!
💐 High school student, soon to be in college.
💐 I've spent nearly a decade roleplaying, but I'm new on this website!
💐 Hmu if you want to rp or have questions or just want to talk! You can also ask for my discord.
💐 I do like shipping and I'm open to the possibility of relationships and/or nsfw if our characters have some chemistry...
💐 I am a fiend for romance actually so I respond to a lot of shipping prompts lolol but I like other things too so, I’m open to pretty much any plot!
💐 I can be pretty busy sometimes, but I’ll always reply to a rp or a message as soon as possible- I promise that I’m not ignoring you!

Aside from all that, I'm still working on adding characters, so there'll be more to come!
I hope that we can all get along, and thank you in advance!

Rave Reviews

  • I literally only met this man yesterday, and we only started our RP yesterday. But oh my god, from the first post he sent to the last one I recieved before I fell asleep, I was absolutely in love with his character Atsuko. His personality matches perfectly with his...
    -- StaticNightmares
  • quality man. love of my life. very lovely characters. i'd die for you.
    -- xinyi

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