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Profiles aren't my thing, lmao.

I play a very small handful of characters, but bring them out of anon only when they're relevant to my current interests.

I also draw things, which you can find here.

I enjoy the RPs, I'm not mean, despite how unapproachable my characters seem, and I want to spazz out with you, probably, so go ahead and hmu.

Rave Reviews

What can I possibly say about Desmin that hasn't already been said time and time again? This wonderful woman brings a smile to my face consistently and I thoroughly enjoy her wit. She's sassy and quickly become one of my dearest friends. As for her characters? I've been fangirling over them way before it was cool and I don't plan on stopping ever. Chnoubis might be dead, but Desmin is alive and well and blowing my mind with the fabulous things she does both writing and artistically. Cheers love! - Valie
In all honesty it is a joy to see a character being born through such a creative mind. To watch her progress in them to the point that they become iconic figures. Like bread and butter aimed to inspire others! She is funny, creative, a world builder and on top of that she encourages me to try things out of my comfort zone without feeling too uncomfortable. An inspiration to us all. - Lyssic

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