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Profiles aren't my thing, lmao.

I play a very small handful of characters, but bring them out of anon only when they're relevant to my current interests.

I also draw things, which you can find here.

I enjoy the RPs, I'm not mean, despite how unapproachable my characters seem, and I want to spazz out with you, probably, so go ahead and hmu.

Rave Reviews

Skai is someone I don't know half as well as I'd like to but I've definitely drooled over more than one of her characters. She's awesome to just talk to and hang out with and she's always encouraging and honest the times we do talk. Her world-building skills are just insanely good and her gift for design has few matches. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Noosey
What can I possibly say about Desmin that hasn't already been said time and time again? This wonderful woman brings a smile to my face consistently and I thoroughly enjoy her wit. She's sassy and quickly become one of my dearest friends. As for her characters? I've been fangirling over them way before it was cool and I don't plan on stopping ever. Chnoubis might be dead, but Desmin is alive and well and blowing my mind with the fabulous things she does both writing and artistically. Cheers love! - Valie

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