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Profiles aren't my thing, lmao.

I play a very small handful of characters, but bring them out of anon only when they're relevant to my current interests.

I also draw things, which you can find here.

I enjoy the RPs, I'm not mean, despite how unapproachable my characters seem, and I want to spazz out with you, probably, so go ahead and hmu.

Rave Reviews

My dearest, oldest friend. Time may have forced a gap between us for a period, but, not unlike anyone traveling on a circle, I found you again. Role-play with you has always been a kick -- you know just how to run with an idea and keep a story fascinating. Atop that, you've been my longest-running idol in the world of art; you unknowingly helped create the style I draw in today. 'Bros' before hos, my sister from another mister. Stay cool. B) - Brutal
Once upon a time, a few friends and I carved out a little corner of Furcadia in which people could play. And then in barreled Skaikrasha, ideas flying, tablet pen at attention, and an eye for the most surreal memes Imgur has to offer, and within days whipped up richly impressive characters and lore, ready to dive right in! Her art is phenomenally inspiring, and she's a joy in-character and out! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Rigby

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    pilot's ready.3 weeks ago
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  • Mina gave skaikrasha kudos:
    Skai is a wonderful human who is filled with equal parts skill, humor and kindness. She's an understanding partner and one that keeps me sharp in terms of RP. Her posts are fantastic and I never feel like I'm the one doing all of the "driving". Her characters are all vastly different, greatly inspired and well rounded creations made with love and attention to details. I love RPing with her but I also just love chatting with her. I'm so so glad that we are friends. :) Kind and understanding Great sense of humor
    3 weeks ago
  • Noosey gave skaikrasha kudos:
    Skai is someone I don't know half as well as I'd like to but I've definitely drooled over more than one of her characters. She's awesome to just talk to and hang out with and she's always encouraging and honest the times we do talk. Her world-building skills are just insanely good and her gift for design has few matches. Great sense of humor Creative ideas
    4 weeks ago
  • skaikrasha gave Mina kudos!
    "One of my newer friendships, but absolutely worth a kudos! Mina's pretty freakin' funny, and an excellent, creative roleplayer. I greatly enjoy the shenanigans in and out of RP and am always pleased when I meet someone with a brand of weird that meshes with mine, it can be challenging to find sometimes. She keeps the RP entertaining and is very easy to bounce ideas off of! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer"
    skaikrasha also gave kudos to fable, ferabird, Brutal and Auberon.4 weeks ago