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Cartoon illustration of a large, muscular and excited-looking man wearing an axe-shaped helmet and orange superhero tights, taking a selfie with one arm wrapped around a thin and resigned-looking young man with long black hair and purple superhero tights.

If you want to know about me and my characters, my DMs are to the left and my profile is below. Best of luck on your hunt for RP!

sland's Characters

sland either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

We've been rping for a little while now, and I really love their character! Sland has been very patient with me and my slow replies and always offers fun and exciting posts to keep the story interesting, not to mention that they drew me an awesome picture that really made my day! I love our rp! - InquisitorCat
sland, sland: how can one not love sland?

A very clever and very patient roleplayer, sland has amazed me with their posts in the short time we have been roleplaying together. Very capable at steering the plot along and with wonderful (and wonderfully drawn) characters, I highly respect sland, not just for their impressive writing skills but also for their kind nature. - Loren

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