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▪︎ [redacted]
▪︎ aspiring empty snail shell
▪︎ likes music and birds and stories
▪︎ 21+, thank you!
▪︎ me whenever i get a PM
▪︎ inquire within for rp (please) (seriously) (im weird but i dont bite)


hi! i feel like i should put a little bit more about me here. i'm 23, i've been writing for most of my life and roleplaying for most of my life as well, since i was about 10 or so. i have a strong preference for high fantasy and fallout-based rp but i can play anywhere basically.

i write medium to large posts, ranging from 4-10 paragraphs depending. i like to think i am fairly literate and i like to rp with people who can match my ability in that sense; post length doesn't bother me particularly as long as you are giving me something to work with (basically just more than one paragraph).

my schedule is weird and sporadic, i am a nanny and i am basically only available at night when, you guessed it, all the children are snooooozing. i can reply then and i can manage probably one post per day, depending.

i love to muse, so please, even if you dont want to rp but want to talk about characters, feel free to PM me or PM me and ask for my discord.

i will not engage in erotic rp; it never ends well for me and in any case i am very, very disinterested; i am in a relationship and i consider it to be very inappropriate. if you try to push this with me, i will block you; im not here to write smut for you. if that's a dealbreaker for you, i am positive you can find someone else to write that with you.

that's all! i am a simple snailtype person. i like weird things and birds and stories, oddities and owls are my favorite. i love to read, and think, and cook. i love music (here is my listening log!) and art, i like to draw sometimes and if you don't mind shoddy, lineless chib scribs i am more than happy to make something for you. i am in a long-distance courtship with my sweetest one and hope to be engaged quite soon.

if you have any questions or interest in rping, please PM me! i can get socially overstimulated and very tired because of it and am quite shy and unused to talking to lots of people at once but i am doing my best to get better at it. thank you for reading.


ᛊᚲᛁᛚᚨᚱ ♡ ᚹᛁᛚᛚᛟᚨᛗ

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