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Hello there! Welcome to my profile! (Last updated 2-11-24)

I am always looking for new friends, feel free to message me!


Going ahead and putting this up front, I have ADHD and Autism, but that should not change the way you see me OR my characters. I am only asking for a little patience, as it may take me a moment to catch onto things or pick up hints. I do NOT need special treatment, only human decency. Kindness is free.

Favorite Genre: I would have to say Sci-Fi/ Modern Furutistic, though I do enjoy a good fantasy roleplay!

All it takes is a click, reach out and I will try my best to get back to you!

Fandoms and Games in which I am a part of:
    Owl House
    Percy Jackson
    She Ra and the Princesses of Power
    Wings of Fire
    Warrior Cats
    Criminal Minds
    Designated Survivor
    Madam Secretary
    Grey's Anatomy
    The Dragon Prince

If any of these peek your interest, and you maybe want to do a roleplay, all you have to do is ask! I'm down for almost anything.

Currently looking for: Hurt/Comfort for Adalia and Natasha Romanoff

Ongoing Rp's- 3
Open Rp slots- 4-7
Rp Inquiries- Please feel free to reach out if you have an idea! I'm open to hear it!

Top scenarios I want to play:

Y/c finds Adalia crying while hiding away in an office. Crying. Y/c has barely seen her smile or frown, and now she's crying. Luckily y/c knows just how to help. (Fandom: Criminal Minds, takes place after Emily's death)


HARD NO'S aka things I will not be a part of/take part in:
    Furry Rp's
(I just don't feel comfortable with this)
    Judging of Character Bios
(Did you write it? If not, hush)

Things to keep in mind when roleplaying with me:

1.) I am on my time, not yours- if I don't reply, just please be patient, I will get back with you. But one thing to understand is that this is not my life. I have other responsibilities, and I will not be spending every second of my day here.

2.) I usually write in third person, and this is the writing style I am comfortable with. Please do not ask me to change it or insist I write in another format. I can go ahead and tell you, that's not gonna happen.

3.) Communication is key. Do NOT get mad at me if you fail at communicating with me. Please just admit it and move on, I won't be mad.

4.) I am open for collaborations, as long as they follow my preferences.

5.) Godmoding is an absolute NEVER. None of my characters are "OP", and I refuse to let them be controlled by someone else in a roleplay. Instead, maybe try adding a supporting NPC.

6.) English is not my first language, even if I know it fairly well. Please don't be afraid to correct me if i make a mistake writing.

This is all for now, but may be updated later, thanks for reading this far <33

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This is a good friend of mine that while I’ve only roleplayed with them a little I can tell they are very excellent at writing! They can drive a plot effectively and over all a great person to hand around with. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Foxfarer
We both have characters with similar backgrounds, and as a result have been able to hit it off quite well together. I'm excited to see what the next chapter of the story of Theo and Adalia looks like. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - randomentity777

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