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Hi! Call me Spooky! I'm not comfortable with sharing my name yet...

A little bit about me!
I live in the US, and I live in the PST time zone!
I got my username because I once said, while drunk mind you, "poison is spooky soup, you can't tell me I'm wrong"
My favorite hobby is drawing.
I watch a lot of anime, but I also like true crime, and supernatural shows!
In case it isnt obvious, I kin Yashiro NeNe.
My star sign is Virgo and I'm the Year of the Tiger.
I'm hoping to go to mortician school so that I can work in the funneral service industry, and maybe even work for the county mourge!
My humor is either very dark and morbid, or dumb and satricical like monty python, and there is no in between.
I am a night owl, so don't be scared if i havent replied to you yet, I'm either sleeping, working or just haven't gotten to you yet!

I used to rolepaly a lot starting in 2013. I was used to the instagram way of roleplaying, so there were no stats, no math and no crazy mechanics. I've never used a platform like this, but I play DND in several friend groups, and I play characters of all shapes, sizes, colors and genders. I play in so many DND groups that I'm trying to currently play non statbased systems. Too much of a good things can make you hate it, or so I've heard.

My prefered form of Roleplaying is: Paragraph style (6-7+ Sentances) with proper grammar, with Adults (18+) and in very well built worlds! I am open to pretty much any type of roleplaying, please just feel free to ask. I am very friendly, and its hard to get on my badside OOC. Just run it by me in PM!
I do roleplay 18+ things, BUT I dont allow any marginilzation or victim blaming groups on my charcater's pages. I also do not do any roleplays that involve sexual assult. I feel its insensitive and uncalled for any roleplay situation. If you're going to be a terrible human being, then take it else where, cause I sure as hell won't tollerate it here! This is a no bully, no asshole zone. The only assholes that are allowed here are the funny ones.


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