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About myself

I currently live in America and am going to college to become a Surgical Technician. I cosplay and can be found on Instagram and Tiktok as LeftScout, yup shamelessly promoting myself! I do have social anxiety so I'm super shy and it might take me a while to reach out to someone or even reply to messages but I do my best! I love anime, reading and writing, baking, watching movies, playing games and sports, and just living life!
Song of the week: Scars - Michael Malarkey


Hello! I absolutely adore roleplaying, writing, making up stories and characters. If you like what you see then shoot me a PM and we can start a scene together! I currently roleplay on Furcadia and RPR, I don't prefer discord but I'm not completely closed off to it. Also I prefer Rping with 18+ adults!

Always: Fantasy, plot, character development, magic, modern, romance
Maybe: Injuries, gore, character death(let's talk about that), sci-fi
Never: Smut, ooc drama/rudeness, horror

I have several characters, the anonymous ones are usually under heavy construction but I feel like my characters are always in a constant work in progress mode no matter how new or old they are. I am also open to critique, if something is wrong or doesn't make sense on one of my characters profiles let me know and I'll fix it!


Rave Reviews

What to say? Charming, witty, excellent story lines and variety of interests. Fantastic character development. If you like being kept on your toes, this is the player for you! Take a chance on some amazing writing. - Tasanee

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