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Howls Moving Castle is my favorite movie!

A smidgen about myself!

Hello! I am working full time at a bakery and going to college part time right now. I have been roleplaying for ten plus years and got my start of a platform called Furcadia but am no longer on that platform. I love watching new shows and movies. Some of my favorites are Howls Moving Castle, 1917, Oceans 11,12, and 13, and many more. I also really like anime! I used to cosplay but when I started school I wasn't able to do it as much but hopefully I'll be able to get back into it someday!

Some of my favorite roleplay tropes are fantasy, found family, romance, enemies to lovers and even lovers to enemies, magic, slow-burn, sometimes modern. Things I don't enjoy are horror (but we can always talk about that if we want to write it), SA, some torture, and sci-fi. I enjoy talking and plotting with people, but I always want to go over triggers before we start a story.

My Rules

1: Open to smut as long as it doesn't take over the entire story.

2: Multi-paragraph roleplay is a must, I will only rp with you if you can put out a full paragraph or more. One liners are an instant turn off.

3: I will do my best not to ghost since it's rude and I expect the same form my rp partners. I am taking time out of my busy schedule to reply and have some fun so I hope you would do the courtesy of telling me you need a break or want to end our story also.

4: Last one! I prefer to roleplay here on RPR. Discord is alright but not my favorite, let's talk about that first. Also I enjoy fantasy, medieval, sometimes modern settings. I dislike sci-fi and horror. But I also love to play out slow burn romance, slice of life, revenge, adventure, character building, royalty, and more. So let's get a story going!

Rave Reviews

Ok, first of all, is a person who makes you get caught up in the story and fond of her characters. She has a way of narrating that is magical to me, and she really knows how to bring her characters to life. If you get a chance to role-play with this person, do it, because it's worth it. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - lleuadamaris_
What to say? Charming, witty, excellent story lines and variety of interests. Fantastic character development. If you like being kept on your toes, this is the player for you! Take a chance on some amazing writing. - Tasanee

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