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Hello, i am Starsteemer, though you may call me Star for short. Here i will include an informative description of myself, covering my experiences, interests, capability, availability and my own rules.

Age: 20
Gender: Cis Female
Religion: Pagan
Sign: Capricorn
Sexuality: biromantic
Relationship status: Taken
Location: U.S.A.
Languages Spoken: English
LGBT+ friendly
TERFs do not interact

Prior roleplay experience: I've been roleplaying since i was 13, and have dabbled in various forms of roleplay, from script style and one liners to casual and novella. My preference is Para, multi-para and novella, however i don't mind going shorter or longer when the roleplay calls for it. I do not wish to roleplay in script style or one liners.
I prefer to make friends with my roleplay partners, and keep the same partner if i can for more in-depth plots and character developement.

Strengths: I'm a lengthy roleplayer with an attention to detail and quality plot ideas. I prefer to start the roleplays most often due to my affinity for effectively setting the scene and tone. I'm considerate of my partner's needs and wants, and i make sure to ask if they're comfortable with certain situations such as character crushes, violence or plot twists. I enjoy driving the plot in the roleplay, and i take up the responsibility of being NPCs or canon characters if i believe i'd do a good job.
However, i only assume this amount of control if my partner is unwilling to do so. If my partner expresses a desire to drive the plot or play an NPC, i will gladly step aside. I do appreciate it though when the work is shared and both people involved contribute to playing NPCs and driving plot.
I'll always try to give a quality reply if possible, even if it takes me a while.

Weaknesses: Sometimes i can get attached to a roleplay partner, and this has caused some to shy away from me. I can be stubborn when it comes to a plot idea that i really like, or become frustrated if i feel as if my partner is not putting in similar amounts of effort. I'm very capricious, detrimentally ambitious and care too much about what other's think of me.

Availability: I have a job at Walmart from 4am-2 pm mon-fri, though this varies. I live in Eastern United States, so i go by EST time. I will notify my partner of my schedule as much as i can if and when it changes.

Brief about me: I'm an artist, which means i draw most of my own OCs. I like to read and indulge. I'm pretty passionate about Witchcraft and cartoons, and i like cats more than dogs.

Fandoms/interests: Marble Hornets, My Little Pony, Gravity Falls, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Wander Over Yonder, Miraculous Ladybug, Steven Universe, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Assasin's Creed, Medieval Fantasy, Sci-fi, Apocalypse. Just because i'm interested in a fandom doesn't mean i wish to roleplay it however.

1. I usually do 1x1 roleplay done in DMs, PMs, or whatever you like to call them. I'd prefer to roleplay on-site, but discord is also an acceptable platform.

2. I'm usually okay with NSFW content, and in DMs i can let you know my likes, dislikes and boundaries. I have a boyfriend, However both of us are fine with explicit content in roleplay with other people. Although, i will NOT roleplay explicit things with a minor, for both of our safety.
I refuse to roleplay underage characters explicitly, and i retain the right to refuse nsfw roleplay for any reason.

3. Please be open with me about your needs and wants, and maintain good communication so i know your limits and availability. I appreciate it when partners let me know ahead of time if they're going to be unavailable or if they have a problem with something. If you don't tell me i won't know, and i'll keep doing something that upsets you and nobody wants that. Don't ghost me, instead tell me why you no longer wish to roleplay, even if it's as vague as personal reasons, and dont be afraid to tell me if it's something i did wrong to turn you off so i can work on improving for the next partner.

4. As you may have read in my availability, i am often quite busy. As such, i may forget to post a reply. I appreciate it when my partners remind me to do so, however DO NOT get pushy and annoying about it. A week or more is an acceptable waiting period before you're within a good timeframe to remind me ^-^
I will sometimes remind my partner to reply after a few weeks to a month, and ask about any changes to schedule or availability. After consistent radio silence, i may drop the roleplay if it's lost my interest or has become too much of an inconvenience.

Conclusion: Thank you for reading this long, and for considering me as a roleplay partner!

Contact Info-
Discord: starsteemer#3152

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Starsteemer is a great RP partner, and patient enough to put up with my sometimes excessive attention to geographic detail. She can offer a vibrant a fun back-and-forth IC interaction with her quirky characters and can keep up a decent average post length as well. Enthusiastic and friendly, it's really a pleasure not just to RP with her but also to converse with her in general. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Riik
Where to begin with this amazing person? Her characters. They are so well thought out and her responses just blow you away every single time.

Ethel is the character Ive interacted with and Im just in love with her. My goodness shes a cool,character.

Shes a joy to rp with. - JoJoApples

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