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hello welcome to my profile my names starwolf

Im in the Lgbtq group and support all <3


most of my oc's are gay or bi
mostly will role-play as a male character
sometimes female

my male oc's

my female oc's

taken oc's

Single oc

rules when roleplaying with me
-no smut
-no assault/rape (personal experience)
-no forced relationships with my oc's

what roleplays I will do
-Lgbtq romance

I'm trying to not do one liners anymore if I do a one liner it usually means I'm not inspire or tired and I really want some of the people I rp with to maybe do more than one line even though I may do one at times its cause I don't have creative juices in me cause of school and school makes me stressed all the time sadly. Just want some people to try and make the roleplay interesting for me thank you.

Rave Reviews

Starwolf is an amazing RPer, I find myself waiting for their next post, and certainly not disappointed. They understand that I might not be able to respond immediately. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Wandering_Mary
Starwolf's characters are great, and they're an amazing roleplay partner, I've enjoyed the time we've been roleplaying together. They are great at continuing an rp that was going slow, and are extremely patient and understanding, as well. Kind and understanding Fast responses - RussianRxulette

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