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Hello my name is starwolf but you can call me star or kat which ever one works.

If you want to roleplay on discord add me on there Starwolf#0826

The wonderful Coffin king is owned by vozhad but let me put their character in my characters history!

Profiles that are done
-Maybe toxic

Pronouns- he/him/they/them

Most of my characters are ether gay or bisexual if you have a problem with that please don’t message me

Some of my ocs profiles are not done yet so please bare with me since I’m still a high school student and now a senior in high school so I will get flood with homework very soon!

Hobbies I do
-bug keychains
-used to model horse collect

I’m pretty busy with trying to get a job, getting homework done on time and all that stuff so I may not reply to the messages right away…

I’m not a good writer at all if anyone is looking for one I’m not good at it I can do one line to about maybe 3-4 paragraphs maybe it depends what I think of how to reply.

Thank you for checking out my profile and if anyone has questions about roleplaying with me just message me and I’ll be happy to respond when I get the chance!

Rave Reviews

Starwolf is a great roleplayer. He is very lovely with his characters and such. I enjoy and still waiting for their next response. Overall, if you want a bubbly and nice roleplayer. I recommend starwolf.
P.s. Personally for me, the username is adorable. I just don't know why. Fast responses Long-term partner - Anonymous
I've been roleplaying with him quite a bit, and he's so imaginative! He says so much about his characters in such a little amount of words, and I find that amazing! He also sends really fast replies. Not only that, but he's always understanding when I haven't replied. Sometimes, I just need a break or forget to reply, and he always understands. Cheers! :) Kind and understanding Fast responses - ALTY_Heave

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