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Hello and welcome to my profile, my name is starwolf or you can call me star. Thank you for stopping by my profile,

let me tell you a little abut my self and then to the important stuff of why your checking out my profile. I am a college student and have classes every day, I can't always replying depending on what class I'm in or if there is wifi in the classroom.

some hobbies I do
- drawing
-playing video games
-making way too many oc's to remember
- used to collect model horses
-collects keychains

Since that's out of the way lets get started with the rules of my role-playing
no killing any of my characters
no over powered characters
please try and help me with the plot then making me do all of the work
be patient with me
I don't do +18 role-plays but I do fade to black

as of what I mostly roleplay as I do males mostly since I feel better playing as them but I can roleplay as a female which is my only female oc on this site and I do roleplay LGbTQ+

if you don't like that type then please don't message me :)
I can have a hard time figuring out what to type is be patient with me about it

Thanks for checking out my profile!

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Such a sweet and fun person, full of unique ideas. Often responds quickly to RPs, but also very patient with others. - Anonymous
I just want to thank you for being so nice to me when I first joined <3 Kind and understanding Helpful - Starphobia

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