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toxic- taken for sure

chemical- too young to date sadly....

nightmare- taken? still working with Rei

ruvel- I have NO IDEA if he's single or not

Im free to rp anytime someone wants to role-play

I dont like talking about my self... so yea

thank you to everyone who follow me and message me to rp or just in general message me your all so great!

to the people whoo roleplay on discord or other apps I don't have any social media's and not allowed to have any. I have a strick parent so please dont ask if I have any social media's to roleplay on I will automaticly say no.

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Starwolf is so sweet. They have such a positive attitude and it makes me feel so comfortable to talk to them. If you want someone who would always be there for ya, I recommend Starwolf.

Love ya! ❤️ Kind and understanding Fast responses - Nene-Chan

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