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if you fight fire with fire, the world goes up in flames
I guess I'll just sit here, and watch the world burn

guess who's getting back into RP?
RPs: 4
RPs In Planning: 3
Slots: 1
Finished RPs: 0
finished RPs and failed RPs are two different things.
RPs: 1
RPs in Planning: 0
Slots: 2
Finished RPs: 0
finished RPs and failed RPs are two different things.

prince nightie | oli
joined October 21st 2018, 6:37pm
INFJ | Capricorn | Single & Sad

Rave Reviews

This young woman is wise beyond her years and is so mature. Her forum topics are so articulate and so thought out. She so full of friendship kindness and sweetness. I'm blessed to have started a freindship with this remarkable woman.Kudos to you static.❤❤ - LakotaSiouxWarrior
I've only known Stats a few days, and already I just want to be his best friend forever.(if I didn't use the right prono-) He is very sweet and is always willing to help out and talk with you, as well as a very funny person. Everytime I talk with him I instantly start laughing or smiling at his words. I've always wanted to be his friend but have been too scared to approach, (Anxiety my dears-) But I'm glad I did. And I hope we make a lot of funny memories together. You're my bestie, Stats. Ty<3 - _ashir-penny_

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