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Lost Sterinia has a website now.

if you fight fire with fire, the world goes up in flames
I guess I'll just sit here, and watch the world burn

I'm actually so stressed right now kek so responses and stuff might be very slow

Dudes I'm busy mk
Pls don't pester me
I'm putting together a portfolio for uni this year
And I've got exams

prince nightie | ollie
Sarah Chain | Ne'ela Jha'el Lei-cri | Veeline Distrie
joined October 21st 2018, 6:37pm
INFJ | Capricorn | Single & Sad

my main focus is my group: lost sterinia

Rave Reviews

I really admire Static's cheerfulness and creativity! They're always working on something creative and are a joy to talk to in the chat. :) If you get to know them I'm sure they'll become your friend in no time and share their creations with you. - Sanne
The first thing I noticed about StaticNightmares is that they can write extremely well, especially considering they're a smol bean. The second thing I noticed is that they're is very friendly and very active. Those things have enhanced the RpR community. I'm glad Static has become a familiar presence in the community. Static is a nice person, and a talented writer and talented as an artist. They also helped me out with something recently, which I appreciate. Helpful Wonderful writer - Abigail_Austin

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