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January 11th

Good news, I’m Covid negative! Downside, it’s the flu, but I’ll definitely take that over the other. I’m physically and mentally exhausted, but I’m limiting myself on RPs and messaging to keep from being overwhelmed again. Please be understanding if my messaging isn’t as frequent as you might like. I’ll try to do replies at least once a day.

“You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong.”
– Sue Fitzmaurice

Upon realizing I haven’t edited this since I was what- 18?- I decided it was time for a little refresh. Just a little, because I’m lazy. But never mind that- hello! The names Dante, though my friends know me by many names- if you prefer, just call me Strawberry! I’m an artist, writer and role player from the southern US, who spends most of his time daydreaming about grand adventures and never actually doing anything save for a trip to the library to “spice things up”.

My characters are always, always, ALWAYS under development, so I encourage you to check them out from time to time! Who knows what you’ll find. I’m currently stuck trying to decide if I should cut Iskra’s hair or not, while developing a new character closely related to King Kayghet!

I'm a literate roleplayer- my range can go from 2-6 paragraphs. I can attempt script, but I may shift into more literate script if that makes sense? It'll be very wordy. No promises on me coming back fully just yet- I’m exploring the chance of returning, maybe just to entertain a simple RP instead of launching into some grand epic like I tend to do. But what can I say, I love dramatic stuff. Right now, I’m at a point where I’m really easily overwhelmed- between work, art and therapy I always have a lot going on, so please understand if I’m not as prompt as I once was.

I also write on AO3! My user is Snakcc, all I have right now is the first 2 chapters of a KH Fanfiction, but it’s an original story, and if you’re interested I’d love if you checked it out!

I don’t have much else to say here, except thank you for reading this far! I’m bad with friendships so please don’t feel bad if I seem awkward around you OOC, I just don’t do well with new people.

Let’s create something amazing together.


Rave Reviews

Yooo! There's so much to say about strawberry_champion and only so much space to say it!

Firstly, she's got so many characters I want to RP with some day, just to see what kinds of twists and turns they take. Secondly, they way she makes every RP have such a strong sense of place is astounding. I always feel like there's this big, wide world just off-screen that I'd be eager to explore.

If you haven't had a chance to RP with her, give it a chance. It'll be mad fun! - Forta-ver
I've never had the opportunity to roleplay with you, but I know you're a fantastic writer and your characters are incredibly well crafted and thought out. You're an amazing artist and I think anyone who has the pleasure of knowing you is blessed. I hope you never stop creating! Keep up the good work! - Pappkin

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