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June 13th
Hello! There isn’t much too say; I’m occasionally active but will mostly linger; I’m trying to think of some decent RP plots but I’ve been having some serious creativity block, from art to writing I am stumped. My job opened back up again, so hopefully as I get back to normal I’ll be able to become active again.

“Adventure is allowing the unexpected to happen to you. Exploration is experiencing what you have not experienced before.”
― Richard Aldington,

Humble artist, roleplayer and writer from the Southern US, at your service! A fanatic of history, mystery, and all things adventurous, I've returned from the grave (also known as my regular 'adult' responsibilities) to allow myself what has always been one of the best ways to spend my free time; roleplay!

PLEASE, take the time to read my character bios if you're truly interested, because lets be real here I put way too much effort into them. I'm always changing details and constantly updating designs; I'm currently revamping all character profiles and open to RPs that may help develop my less used characters (like Avalynn, Hawthorne, Icarus, Vance, etc.).

I'm a literate roleplayer- my range can go from 2-6 paragraphs. I can attempt script, but I may shift into more literate script if that makes sense? It'll be very wordy. Please be aware if I fall out of an RP, chances are its not you- I get really anxious if I miss over 2 days on an RP, so please feel free to send me a little reminder if it's been over a day and I haven't responded! Also, if you happen to lose interest in the RP, just let me know- I'll be doing the same.

I absolutely adore books- my favorites include "IT" by Stephen King, "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury and especially the "A Song of Fire And Ice" Collection by George R.R. Martin. I tend to have a lot of useless little facts- I enjoy reading encyclopedias and reference books, and I'm a big fan of concept/visual history books for video games. I'm also a huge music buff, so if I happen to send you a song during an RP, dont be surprised!

Let's create something amazing together.

Rave Reviews

I've never had the opportunity to roleplay with you, but I know you're a fantastic writer and your characters are incredibly well crafted and thought out. You're an amazing artist and I think anyone who has the pleasure of knowing you is blessed. I hope you never stop creating! Keep up the good work! - Pappkin
Not only is she great at thinking outstanding plots full of adventure and intrigue, but also, for each RP she partakes in, she brings characters who are well developed and thought out.

Each of her characters has a unique speech, behaviour and personality that bring life and a good dose of humour to any story. Especially recommended for Fantasy RPs among her characters, Katja has a warrior's heart, Iskra is bold and defiant, and the list goes on. Highly recommended for a high quality RP time - Tusitala2017

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