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Deer Jangles
they/them, occasionally she/her
anti-pedo, anti-abuse, anti-incest
About 10 years of experience


I'm a simple little man, I love to roleplay and I love my OCs a ton. I'm also an avid artist and draw all my OC art myself save for a few pieces here and there! I'll usually draw fanart of our characters if I'm vibing enough :^) I NEVER stress over reply times, always send me a message and a reply when YOU'RE ready. I know how IRL can be! I like to think of myself as friendly, and D&D is in my blood so I make a killer DM and roleplayer if you ask me.

See a character you like, but they don't have an open roleplay? Shoot me a message!
My last character count was at a nice and polished 433 characters.


In my roleplays, I tend to follow a story similar to that in the series my OC is from, though not by the letter as to allow for freedom and fun between characters. I'm mostly freeform, though I do plan some things and there is a plot narrative to keep us from creating endless filler.

I often roleplay urban fantasy, sci-fi fantasy, medieval fantasy, and all sorts of other fantasy. If it's got monsters, magic, aliens, or just wild and wacky weaponry, that is my JAM! High fantasy, low fantasy, you name it and I got it. As for fandom-esque media, I like to roleplay in the Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, and Fallout universes, and I'm also interested in Creepypasta, Saints Row, My Hero Academia, My Little Pony... I also used to do wolf, lion, and cat roleplays back in ye olden days (shudders).


Check my Always/Never for info on what I won't RP!
Click on me to reveal Always/Never!
*Slow-burn romance
*General drama
*Fantasy (High/Low)
*Slow character arcs
*Freeform (with some plot)
*OOC chatting and planning
*Somewhat matching reply lengths
*Violence (non-explicit)
*Darker themes (usually non-descriptive)
*Fight scenes
*Torture (Hopefully not too detailed)
*M/F couples with certain OCs(Bad experiences)
*Characters who don't get along (and might never)
*OOC rudeness or toxicity
*OOC LGBT-phobia, racism, etc
*Detailed violence, abuse, or assault
*Detailed gore
*Main character, in-character LGBT-phobia, racism, etc
*Focus on abusive relationships

Writing Example
Third-person | Past-tense, sometimes present | Multi-para, sometimes way more, sometimes a bit less

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I'm sorry, did you ask for the best rp partner out there? Because this lovely person delivers!
They rekindled my love for rp, their reply speed is astronomical, their writing? Top notch. Her characters? Absolutely wonderful and creative.
I don't have enough space to say all then wonderful things they deserve and I simply cannot recommend them enough!
Go to with them! Creative ideas Long-term partner - FriedStars
This funky fritter has been a well of inspiration and motivation for my writing, and they've been a very deer friend to me. If you're looking for an immensely diverse cast of characters whose depth and lore rival that of some of the best authors I've read, you've found the right fritter. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - grizzlymanthing

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