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19 years old
About 7 years of experience

My last character count was at a nice and polished 178 characters, not counting deities.

In my roleplays, I tend to follow a story similar to that in the series my OC is from, though not by the letter as to allow for freedom and fun between characters. I'm mostly freeform, though I do plan some things and there is a plot narrative to keep us from creating endless filler.

Click on me to reveal my personal projects!
My personal universes include:
  • Hierarchy (urban fantasy)
  • Ouroboros (future sci-fi)
  • Firestarter (medieval fantasy)
  • No Sinners (modern partially satirical universe, inspo from Saints Row so...)
  • Irresponsible (modern world that's a grab bag of genres)
  • One For All (modern Christian mythology)
  • Loreless (urban fantasy-esque with a focus on religious mythos)
  • Teenagers Save The World [TSTW] (modern post-apocalyptic magic world)
  • OmeNemo (modern magic world)

Click on me to reveal more information about the genres and world's I will roleplay!
I like to roleplay with my universes, but I'm more than happy to change characters in them for your roleplay as well! I also like to roleplay in canon media, like Dragon Age (DAO, DA2, and DAI), Fallout (3, NV, and 4), and Skyrim!

I like to roleplay with fantastical elements like magic, sci-fi, basically anything but completely regular modern life. I'm particularly invested in urban fantasy and future sci-fi right now! Check my Always/Never for info on what I won't RP!

Click on me to reveal Always/Never!
    *Slow-burn romance
    *General drama
    *Fantasy (High/Low)
    *Fantastical elements
    *Slow character arcs
    *Freeform (with some plot)
    *OOC chatting and planning
    *Somewhat matching reply lengths
*Violence (non-explicit)
*Darker themes (usually non-descriptive)
*Torture (Hopefully not too detailed)
*Fight scenes
*M/F couples with certain OCs(Bad experiences)
*Characters who don't get along (and might never)
*OOC rudeness or toxicity
*OOC LGBT-phobia, racism, etc
*Detailed violence, abuse, or assault
*Detailed gore
*Main character, in-character LGBT-phobia, racism, etc
*Focus on abusive relationships

Writing Example
Third-person | Past-tense, sometimes present | Multi-para, sometimes less

Partner Requirements
Able to match reply lengths (Typically multi-para)
Third person preferred (I can handle first person, but will not enjoy it)
Patience! I reply fairly quickly, but I have things to do, so I might not reply right after you!
Acceptance! I'm a nonbinary neurodiverse butch lesbian, and I have characters that are just as diverse as I am, so I need a partner who won't see it as weird when these things show up in roleplay.

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