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  • Birthday: April 23

what's up?

i'm tbone,
but you can also call me Taylor if you prefer to go by real-life aliases.

worldbuilding enthusiast, occasional FH player, and moody hs sophomore that likes rping and character creation!

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RP Info

Note: The bits below are just about me and RPing in general, but don't worry! I plan on adding a more specific playstyles chart sometime in the future, preferably one for each of my OCs. In the meantime, though, this is required reading if you want to RP with me.

My Expectations

I place a strong emphasis on ooc communication during RPs. Have any questions, concerns, constructive criticism, or even just comments? Don't hesitate to bring them up. I'm not much of a conversationalist outside of RPing, but I don't mind chatting as long as that isn't where the focus is.

About my rping

I'm SemiLit - Lit
(2-3 paragraphs on average, but I can do 4 or more if given enough time and information.)

I like to rp in 3rd person pov, but i'm capable of doing 1st if needed! I'm just not very good at it.

I prefer PMs to public threads and I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to posts. It's also worth mentioning that I don't always respond more than once a day, but i'll give partners notices if i'm planning on being offline for more than 2-3 days.

I check up with partners if they haven't replied in at least a week (7 days) without notice, but this can be avoided if we talk about our preferred schedules before starting anything!

Being pressured to post more than once a day takes the fun out of RPing for me, so don't do it pls.

Aaaand I go by Pacific Standard Time just in case you were curious.

My RP Style

(( This is ooc communication. ))

This is something being described.

"This is how my character speaks."

'This is how my character thinks.'

This is an alternate way of displaying my character's thoughts, mostly used for unspoken sentence continuations and internal monologues.*

*Single italicized words do not fall in the above category, I use those for emphasis.

My Favorite RP Genres

fantasy (general, urban)
slice of life

'Favorite' might be a stretch, as there are plenty of other genres that I've love using, but the ones I listed above are the ones I have the most experience with.

Used RP Settings

Not counting the ones in original settings or the ones that can be used more flexibly, the majority of my characters belong to the Pokémon universe!

If you want to know which canon settings I am open to RPing in, PM me!

Player Info

Social Media

Stay tuned!

Character Roster

Stay tuned!

uhhh yeah that's about it, thanks for checking out my profile!
Last updated: 8/26/18

Rave Reviews

  • Hello hello!

    Where do I get started? I have only been role-playing with tbone for a few days, but I always look forward to tbone's response! They have a reasonable length, deep characters, and when I role-play with tbone, it's like they turn into their character!...
    -- ShatteredGlass

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