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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: May 04

I’m a person who likes anime, video games, Vocaloid, Korean pop and Chinese pop, art, manga, rock bands and more.

I prefer roleplaying in private messages and am okay with possibly triggering things (i.e. 18+, depression, etc.). I’m a semi-lit roleplayer, 2+ lines. (This is because my mind sometimes isn’t the most creative.)

I’m not good at straight roleplay because I do Yaoi more. In straight roleplays, I prefer being the female and in Yaoi, I prefer being the submissive, the “bottom”.

I’m open for roleplay anytime so, uh, private message me, I guess? (I just joined today, 2018.11.18, so I dunno how it works. . .)

Rave Reviews

  • Tear_ps is a lovely person once you get to know them, mainly because their aura seems rather calming and sweet. I was more than happy to chat with them because they are so sweet and nice, it's hard to ignore it. More people should recognise their sweetness, since it's adorable and really cute. ^-^
    -- Floflo
  • Kudos for you!
    I only roleplayed with tear_ps for a little but I can already tell that she's a detailed roleplaying artist! I'm impressed with her, along with others I roleplay with but at this moment, it's mostly tear_ps.
    -- lolpopsxxx

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