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Well I love to RP if that wasn't obvious enough and I love to write, but more then even that, I love techno. anything people could possibly consider techno( hardstyle, nightcore, trance ETC.) I admit i'm not the best when it comes to grammar but I try my best and correct errors when I make them(most of the time). I gota admit though that this is the first RP site iv ever been on, but I hope that I can be friends with who ever reads this and that I don't annoy the living hell outa you before then - from the technotuna :P

You should probably also know that character bios and the stuff of that nature arn't really something i'm good at. So I usually work on one character for a while before making more and thier bios may change from time to time.

I love to RP no matter what the style, just message me if you're interested. I took a year long break because of school almost immediately after joining, but now I'm back and have no intention of disappearing again.


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