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Not open to unsolicited RPs at this time. If I post in the forums, or if I reply to your post, I'll happily start something with you. I just have a full, stressful schedule as it is and cannot take on every RP that comes my way. I apologize.

Rave Reviews

While I have not been interaction with th1260 for long I have enjoyed the story we have come up with. They are a patient person and very understanding. They work with me to make sure we create the most enticing and accurate story revolving around the characters we use. I have enjoyed our RP greatly and hope it lasts for much longer. I really enjoy writing with this person. Kind and understanding Helpful - Krispythekritter
Jocelyn McClure (played by tg1260)
It was such a random sequence of events that led to Darrell Sanders starting an RP with Jocelyn McClure! Jocelyn is such depth of character with a deep backstory, and the chemistry between our vast, musically different characters seems to sort of work! The RP has been most engaging! Give her page a read and may you be fortunate to get into an RP with Jocelyn! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Shadow-Ranger

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    Without a doubt, one of the most talented and creative writers I've had the privilege of writing with on this site. I look forward to every post and feel challenged to improve my creativity as well each time I respond. If you get the chance to role play with Mipps, don't pass it up. Creative ideas Wonderful writer
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