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Not open to unsolicited RPs at this time. If I post in the forums, or if I reply to your post, I'll happily start something with you. I just have a full, stressful schedule as it is and cannot take on every RP that comes my way. I apologize.

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Jocelyn McClure (played by tg1260)
It was such a random sequence of events that led me to enter my character Darrell Sanders into an RP with Jocelyn McClure. It didn't appear to be a fit, but their RP has been most engageing. Jocelyn is such a well grounded character with a deep backstory, and the chemistry between our vast musically-different characters seems to work! TG writes Jocelyn with feeling, and just reading her page is a true blessing! - Shadow-Ranger
So I randomly made a comment in an LFRP post the other day and that led to a nice PM exchange and a start of a wonderful RP! It's early yet but the way TG writes is so full of depth and feeling, and the style she uses has me working some of it into my own writing! Thank you TG for writing with me! You are quite the inspiration! If any of you have a chance to write an RP with TG, you will be greatly blessed! - Shadow-Ranger

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    Mr. Kruger is such a well developed character! The role play we have going is full of intrigue and I find myself sucked into the mystery and story of who and what he is. It's a wonderful character design and I cant wait to discover more about him!
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