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Fantasy go brrrr 24/7 I am never not daydreaming

I enjoy fantasy roleplays the most however I don't mind other themes (even if fantasy is my favorite)

Yes I traumatize my characters

Most of my character's profiles are still in progress so if they change after a while it's just me fiddling with them

I am not afraid to say I am a slight sucker for HeroxVillain ships I dare you to fight me

RP Facts and notices:

I am fairly new to this website so please be patient with me, Some of my characters are either overly detailed or barely at all since I enjoy building them up from roleplaying with them.

My responses can be long or short, it depends on the situation/motivation/imagination which can also mean they could be a bit slow.

!!!! If your replies are slow dont worry, I'm very patient and just very bored so simply reply when you want to :) !!!

I have no issue with heavily detailed gore, blood, bone breakage or anything of the sort (aka im a huge horror fan, monsters are my personal favorite I adore making them and interacting with monster characters). I don't have any phobias so no worries anything goes except anything that isn't pg-14.

Alright summer has come! I live in an eastern timezone, I am usually wake around 7-8 am and go to bed around 9:30 pm to 11 pm at the lastest.

Random Facts About Me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My favorite colors are Orange, Black and Red; I love cats; I like to fall asleep to horror movies and or horror gameplays; I love to chew classic bubble gum; and I aspire to become a digital artist and a professional Nature Photographer.

Always excited to roleplay! If any of my characters interest you don't hesitate to chat with me!

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