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Hi, I'm Theo :>
I have about 4+ years of roleplay experience, but I'm always learning new things!
Fantasy go brrrr 24/7 I am never not daydreaming
I enjoy fantasy roleplays the most however I don't mind other themes (even if fantasy is my favorite)
Yes I traumatize my characters
Most of my character's profiles are still in progress so if they change after a while it's just me fiddling with them
I am not afraid to say I am a slight sucker for HeroxVillain ships I dare you to fight me
Have I mentioned I love Supernatural, most Batman movies, and Justice League shows?
I'm best at m×m and w×w bc well- im gay-
Active Hours: After 12pm (eastern time)
RP Facts and notices:

PLEASE FOR EVERYTHING SWEET AND SPICY, NEVER FEEL EMBARRASSED TO TELL ME ANYTHING YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH! Whether it be at the start of our rp or in the middle of a scene TELL. ME. and we can speed right past whatever scene is being played out. I will never ever force anyone to go through any scene you hate even if it is completely in character for whoever is being used for roleplay.

In return, please do. not. start or imply any situations that could be R-rated or sexual without previously consulting me or you get hit with the delete hammer.

Some of my characters are either overly detailed or barely at all since I enjoy building them up from roleplaying with them.

My responses can be about a paragraph long or a couple sentences, it depends on the situation/motivation/imagination which can also mean they could be a bit slow. However I do not favor one-liners, it's appreciated if you put in a little detail and life into a character.

If your replies are slow don't worry, I'm very patient and just very bored so simply reply when you want to :)

I have no issue with heavily detailed gore, blood, bone breakage or anything of the sort (aka im a huge horror fan, monsters are my personal favorite I adore making them and interacting with monster characters). I don't have any phobias so no worries anything goes except anything that isn't pg-14.

Sometimes I do forget or have little to no motivation to roleplay due to life, so if I don't respond send me a message and I'll update you on what's happening!

Random Facts About Me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My favorite colors are Orange, Black and Red; I love cats; I like to fall asleep to horror movies and or horror gameplays; I love to chew classic bubble gum; and I aspire to become a digital artist and a professional Nature Photographer.

I also crochet, paint, embroider, and make beaded bracelets. You could say I have mainly hands-on hobbies.

Always excited to roleplay! If any of my characters interest you don't hesitate to chat with me!


Rave Reviews

Overall amazing person to roleplay with. Their roleplays are either emotionally driving or down right hilarious in the perfect balance. Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - GlassJungle
Such a talented and patient RP partner. They have beautifully descriptive writing, giving me a clear mental image of the story as it plays out. Plus, their characters are so lovely and well-thought-out, along with being well-executed. I'm really enjoying writing with them so far, and would definitely recommend others to do so as well. :] Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

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